Amagi Metals Company Review

By Altay Gursel | January 23, 2021

Amagi Metals Review

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amagi metals

Company Background

Amagi Metals is a global eCommerce precious metals dealer that seems to be very new in the market. On their website, they mention selling gold and silver over four years. 

I mean wouldn’t it be any better if they could mention the year they started their company? 

Anyway, we don’t exactly know the year they have started their business. That said, they have a few offices across the country. Their office locations are in Austin, Texas; Bartlesville, Oklahoma; and Las Vegas, Nevada.

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On their about page I couldn’t see much information about their story. There are mentioned only the core values of the company. It could be better showing who is behind the company how they all started their business. 

There is contact our staff button on the about us page but it still doesn’t show us the face of any real human. Prospective customers will naturally want to see a manager, CEO, the founder you name at least someone from the management team.

Their website seems ok, but I couldn’t come across any disclaimer on the visible location of the website footer.  Don’t get my word wrong. The company can be amazing to work with. However, there are major transparency issues on their site, and they fail to build trust with the first-time visitors.

On their website, they claim that they are approved by a bunch of respected authorities. Double verify and make sure if all the claims are legit.

They have a blog section on their site and it seems they have been blogging since 2013. This is the most trustworthy sign of this business I could come across during my review.

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Contact Details

Address: 2375 E Tropicana #416 Las Vegas NV, 89119
Phone: 800 – 578 – 4653
Phone Hours: 8:30am – 5pm CST – Monday to Friday


  • Gold
  • Silver
  •  Platinum
  • Base Metals
  • Collectibles
  • Accessories

If you want to order metals from Amagi metals, you will notice they have a good amount of different products in their inventory. However, don’t expect to find a selection of metals as you would see on the website of JM Bullion or Apmex.

They have a filter on their sidebar, showing type, composition, denomination as well as IRA approval status of the metals. Retirees who want to buy metals using the assets in their IRA can filter accordingly. 

However, don’t purely trust the information the website recommends. Because their website itself seems like an incomplete job requires more work. Do your own due diligence and find out if the metals you will order from Amagi metals are truly eligible to hold in an IRA. 

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Bank Transfers
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin


I couldn’t find any information neither on BCA (Business Consumer Alliance) nor on ConsumerAffairs websites. It seems there is really nothing good and bad about the company online. 

Fortunately, I could find them on Yelp. They could achieve an average of a 3-star rating of a maximum of 5 stars on Yelp. 

They have good Facebook reviews but I wouldn’t rely on that as a prospective customer since Facebook reviews can easily be bought. They have a Youtube channel yet they avoid showing the face of any individual. Videos are recorded in a podcast style manner. 


Is Amagi metals legit or scam? By looking at the data on independent third party assessment sites we couldn’t find enough information about the company to say it is legit or not.

The company sells even American Eagle Monster Box which is worth over $12,000 by the time I write this review. Therefore always do your own due diligence especially if you plan to make a large order like a monster box. 

Amagi metals can be amazing or terrible to work with. I really don’t know since I couldn’t find sufficient proof to come to a decision about this company.