All To Know About Nuview Trust

Nuview Trust

Company Background

NuView Trust Company is a privately-owned company, established in 2003. It serves as a retirement plan administration company that is also specialized in keeping records for clients who want to self-direct retirement plans to other alternative investments.

Nuview Trust also serves investors interested in publicly traded securities in which they can invest their IRAs. The company knows the importance of diversification and encourages its customers to diversify their retirement portfolio.

Main asset classes Nuview assists its clients in investing are precious metals, real estate, cryptocurrencies, and joint ventures.

Management Team

They also have an advisory board consisting of respected individuals with many years of experience in the industry.

Contact Details

NuView Trust Processing Office
Address: 280 S. Ronald Reagan Blvd., Suite 200 Longwood, FL 32750
Toll Free: +1-877-259-3256
Local: +1-407-367-3472
Fax: +1-407-571-9541

Trust Company Headquarters
101 South Reid Street, Suite 307
Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57103

Social media presence
Here are their social media channels they keep in touch with the community and their clients.  


There is no “services” page when you land on the Nuview Trust website. That seems a little odd because it is always important to communicate what about the company is immediate. They may consider adding a “services” section to their home main navigation.

That said, making a little research I have found their services that comes in two main categories. They have services for individual investors, and services for financial professionals.

Services for individual investors

Real Estate

There are many reasons why individuals hold a rental estate in their IRAs. But the main advantage of doing that comes from tax benefits. Individuals are tax-exempt as long as the investment is not distributed to the IRA owner. Nuview Trust helps its clients with investing in real estate using the funds in their Self-Directed IRAs. 


Cryptocurrencies are generally considered as speculative assets since most people still believe there is nothing backing them. They are not issued by a central government, nor there is an authority that can help in case investors have a problem.

However, most retirees find value investing in cryptocurrencies primarily in Bitcoin. Bitcoin as a limited asset is only growing in value. BTC is expected to be at a much higher position in the next 10 years due to growing investor demand.  

Nuview helps its customers to transfer their retirement assets into cryptocurrencies. Please note, investing cryptocurrencies heavily in a retirement portfolio may expose your retirement savings to high-risk. 

Therefore, always consider allocating a certain percentage of your portfolio in crypto assets, rather than going “all-in”.

That said Nuview Trust offers a lot of different cryptos for the investors to invest in. 

The cryptocurrency purchasing process with Nuview works quite simply. The customer sets up and funds a self-directed IRA with Nuview Trust. After that, the customer sets up a single-member LLC and operating agreement with his IRA.

Next, that customer submits a purchase authorization to Nuview in order to fund his LLC. and identifies the cryptocurrency exchange to set up a digital wallet. The final step is that the customer links his wallet with his bank account and buys the cryptocurrencies of his choice. 

Private Entities

What could be a better option than investing in a real business, right? Fortunately, Nuview Trust also helps its clients to use their self-directed IRAs to invest in private companies.

Using their self-directed IRA, investors can capitalize on these burgeoning investment trends through private placements.

Usually, private placements do not offer an investor with easy liquidity, at least initially, but this illiquidity can lead to higher returns for the investor, a major trade-off for most IRA holders.

If a private company goes public later, the tax-deferred essence of the IRAs may maintain the funds working without tax until they are distributed. Future distributions are expected to be tax-free within a Roth IRA.

Types of private companies that can be purchased using a self-directed IRA:

  • LLCs
  • Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Start-ups
  • Hedge Funds
  • Crowdfunding
  • REITs
  • LPS

Checkbook Control

Some IRA investors would like to have a stand-alone LLC (checkbook control) with ownership to be directly funded from their IRA.

Tax Deeds & Liens

Another investment option Nuview can help with is Tax Liens. Self-directed IRAs can be used to invest in Tax Liens. 

Precious Metal IRAs

Precious Metal IRAs (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium). Nuview helps its clients to rollover their self-directed IRAs to precious metal-backed IRAs.


Here are some of the nomations Nuview is rewarded with according to their company website.

  • 2018 OBJ’s Fast 50
  • 2018 OBJ’s Best Places To Work
  • Glen Mather Wins the 2017 CEO Nexus Cup
  • 2015 Top Philanthropic Companies in Central Florida

NuView Trust’s Calculators

NuView Trust provides one pretty cool feature that shockingly many self-directed IRA firms don't. Here we talk of calculators.

That's sort of nuts to say.

One would think both of these IRA providers would encourage customers to do their own maths, particularly because their target audience tends to be self-directed.

Nevertheless, most self-directed IRA companies choose a more formal solution where consumers need to talk to account managers to do the calculations.

The NuView Trust calculators definitely earn extra votes for the service.

The website gives clients the following calculators that they can think for themselves objectively about what their objectives are and how they can bring together a strategy in collaboration with NuView Trust's advisors that can assist them to meet those goals. 

Here are the list of Nuview Calculators offered by the company:

  • The 401(k) contribution/distribution calculators,
  • The interested and annualized rate calculator.
  • The retirement income calculator.
  • The ending account value calculator.
  • Required savings calculator.
  • The beneficiary RMD calculator.
  • The required minimum distribution calculator.
  • The Roth IRA calculator.
  • Years and tell the retirement calculator.

There are so many calculator options offered by the company it is hard not to benefit from all these resources free of charge. These resources are definitely working for them to improve their client database reaching more potential clients. 

Offered Account Types

Some of our least favorite aspects about NuView Trust is that they're not really going into depth about their different kinds of accounts and how they can to the people.

They instead have a detailed section on their website full of links to ways to access all various types of accounts. It's blindingly obvious that Nuview wants to receive the phone call rather than people visit their website and leave. 

Nonetheless, here is an overview of certain types of account provided by the company:

  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Individual K accounts
  • LLCs
  • Land Trust Purchase
  • Cloverdell Education Savings Accounts
  • HSAs

Most investors consider a traditional IRA to receive tax write-offs while continuing to work. Also, some individuals may want a Roth IRA so they don't take any tax write-offs throughout their career, and also don't pay income tax on the withdrawal.

The other types of accounts are quite conventional with SIMPLE IRAs and SEP IRAs for small businesses, and self-employed individuals and 401(k)s for big enterprises that can accept greater administration costs and have more special requirements for both their staff and their business.

NuView Trust does not identify all these account types in clarity. But just like the website calculators they offer, every form of prospective customer needs is publicly explained on their official website.

Applied Fees

NuView Trust provides one of the most attractive fee structures on the market. The company offers customers the choice of paying both on the number of assets or financial worth of their accounts.

While most IRA companies offer both, some offer only one or the other. Let's delve into further to understand the fee structure that NuView Trust applies.

Fees per Asset option

It costs $295 per asset/liability to which an investor chooses to attach their money. To place that in context, another IRA company we checked is starting at $300 per asset, so $295 is certainly a good offer.

It should be remembered that  $295 is also set as the minimum applied account fee.

Fees Based On Account Value option

Like with most IRA fee structures, beginner investors or those with far less money on their account are typically better served by paying their account fees on the basis of that value, instead of on the basis of the number of assets.

Below table shows the quick rundown of Nuview's value-based payments.

Account ValueAnnual Asset Fee
Up to $14,999$195
$750,000 and up$1,850
Nuview Fee structure (value-based payments)

Customer Support at NuView Trust

The customer service team at NuView Trust is available Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM-5:30 PM and on Fridays, they ‘re up until 5 PM. The number for toll-free calls is 1–877-259-3256.

There is also the opportunity for customers and potential customers to join in a live chat when they have questions that they need to respond to and wouldn't want to speak on the phone.

Not everyone's offering that choice.

General questions can also be submitted via e-mail to their team at

Customer Reviews

NuView Trust IRA is ranked a 4.2/5 star ranking, owing to 33 customer reviews on its Google My Business page. It is a very good ranking especially for the companies in the investment sphere. 

Delving deeper into customer feedback, the company has been registered with the BBB since 2013, with no customer complaints and an A+ ranking on the profile. That fits in with a lot of other IRA providers as well. The business clearly does a decent job of understanding its employees and providing great care to them. 

NuView Trust IRA gets 4.3/5 on the GlassDoor career website. That shows Nuview has obviously committed to sound recruiting practices.

Like always, do your own due diligence and read other reviews before deciding to work with Nuview or any other IRA investment company.

Should You work with NuView Trust for your Self-Directed IRA?

Since NuView Trust has a smaller management staff relative to most self-directed IRA companies, the organization does a stellar job of caring for its clients.

The customer feedback is evidence of that. The company not only has a high score on various websites, but they do also have a good amount of ratings, and it's not just one person that says great things.

When it comes to account types and available investment options, NuView Trust is on track with every other self-directed IRA company we have analyzed.

Since NuView Trust likes to throw calculators, tools, and forms at potential customers through links, website navigation may use a little bit of research, but there are other parts of the website that just do not clarify anything.

Besides that, we'd say NuView Trust ranks among the country's major IRA providers for those who want to be self-directed and choose investments that are regarded as alternative investments that are not known stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.