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All About California Numismatic Investments

California Numismatic Investments

Company Background

California Numismatic Investments (aka Golddealer.com) is a precious metal dealer that offers a wide variety of coin and bullion products. The founders of the company are Richard Schwary and Ken Edwards who both have deep experience in the precious metals business. 

Richard, the company's president, received his Bachelor in Science from CSULB in 1973, worked for more than ten years as the director of The Professional Numismatic Guild (PNG), and was PNG's chairperson from 1997-1999.

With respect to precious metals and rare coins, the FTC and the State of California have called on Richard as an “Expert Witness”. 

Ken, the Vice President, is an accomplished expert in precious metals and a motivational speaker who has been featured by PBS, CNN, and CNBC on subjects relating to precious metals market strategy.

Contact Details

Address: 525 W Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA
Phone: (800) 225-7531
Local Phone: (310) 674-3330
Fax: (310) 330-3766

Company has social media existence on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.


Bullion and Coin Sale

CNI offers below products to its customers:

  • Gold Bullion Coins & Bars
  • Silver Bullion Coins & Bars
  • Platinum Bullion Coins & Bars
  • Palladium Bullion Coins & Bars
  • Rhodium Bullion Bars
  • Peace & Morgan Dollar Rolls
  • Limited mintage bullion
  • Certified and rare coins
  • Pre-1993 US Gold & Silver

If you need special coins that you cannot find on the company website, you can contact CNI directly. Also, signup for the Special Offers in order to receive an email when new special offers are available.

IRA Approved Metals

If you want to roll over your retirement savings into a precious metal IRA, CNI can help with that as well. I am not sure how much experience the company has in the niche. Therefore make full research if you want to open a precious metal IRA account with the company.

PCGS Grading

PCGS, which launched in 1985, has certified millions of coins throughout its lifetime making it the world ‘s largest third-party rating and authentication company. You may want to contact CNI if you have coins and you are not sure of their authenticity.

Storage Services

Buying precious metals you need to plan storage space in advance. Fortunately, golddealer.com can help you with that. After opening an account with them and purchasing your metals. They will send your metals to a very trusted depository storage.

You may or may not want to work with an IRS approved depository that would be your choice.

You can even store your metals in your house, although it is not recommended, you can do it. You can find more information about the depository storages they offer right here.

Market Insight

If you have questions about the gold market CNI can help you. You can simply contact the company and ask your questions to get expert answers from the professionals many years of experience in the markets.

CNI experts would be more than happy to tell the best strategies in order to protect and grow your hard-earned money. 

Great customer satisfaction policy

The company is shipping orders across the nation. Let’s say you have received your order but didn’t like what you have seen. You can contact the company and they will be more than happy to make their clients a full refund. At least this is what their website mentions at the time I write this review.

If you have ordered bullion it is subject to price fluctuations naturally. If your coins are PCGS certified they ask you to contact us with the customer support within 7 days of purchase so that we can maintain their inventory.

Million dollar inventory

CNI has one of the largest inventory in the nation. It is Dun and Bradstreet rated and completes millions of dollars orders every year. What that means working with CNI you can find literally every coin you want to buy.

You can visit the company website to see their inventory. If you cannot see what you need just contact them and ask. They will be more than happy to help you to find what you need.

Competitive Buying

CNI has been serving its clients for almost 5 decades today. They have developed immense experience in buying and selling coins and bullion. The company has been publishing their buy and sell prices both in bull and bear markets.

They offer honest and affordable pricing for all precious metal items, and the payment is made immediately. However, the item sold to CNI should be received by CNI and be in acceptable condition (wrapped properly and insured) in order to be accepted by CNI.

It is expected from the customers to attach a note to the package explaining what is inside, order number, name, address, and phone number information.

Professional Rare Coin Counsel

If you have concerns about investing in coins you can call CNI. They will help you with their expert advice and a handful of good suggestions. Every situation is different and the final decision is always yours. 

However, they are confident due to their years of experience that they can provide solutions you would never think it even existed. The most beautiful part is you have no obligation, and it costs you nothing. 

Accumulation Programs

If you're considering buying rare, The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) certified coins, CNI Accumulation Program is a wise option.

  • You monitor your investment quantity and frequency so the program is designed to fit. You can start, customize, or terminate it with a simple phone call. 
  • This program has steadily developed numerous outstanding portfolios, and most investors haven't ever missed the money since it was done on a daily, budgeted system based.
  • Since the Accumulation Plan functions for you over a lengthy span of time, natural investment phases count.
  • Since CNI has a grasp of what you're aiming for, it's easier to ensure you get the best selection possible.
  • The investment amount can be $100, or $1000 whatever the amount best suits your budget. That means the program is designed with an approach “you in mind”. You can get started by only calling an account executive. 


Are there any complaints?

CNI doesn't have any serious complaint nor any significant customer dissatisfaction by looking at long history of the company. However, always make your due diligence since everyone's experience can be truly different.


California Numismatic Investments is a legit company that offers a wide variety of services. You can confidently exchange precious metals with the company since there are no red flags that take my attention.

The company site looks a little dated but still possible to find all that you need as a prospective customer. I couldn’t come across any specific customer feedback online showing their customer feedback with precious metal IRA accounts.

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