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CNT Depository Review

CNT is a precious metal depository located in Bridgewater, MA. The company in business since 1973 and helps its customers with the storage of gold, platinum, silver, rhodium, and palladium.

It serves as a third-party storage facility and owned by the Oliari Family privately. Since its foundation, the company has steadily made considerable improvements over the years.

CNT is a COMEX-approved depository that offers the highest standard of service and security to protect its customers' assets. The company clients can have instant access and guaranteed security to the ultimate location of their valuables.

It serves some of the most reputable firms in the US.

What Clients Should Expect from CNT Depository?

  • Insured storage of valuables
  • Segregated and allocated storage
  • Private vault storage
  • Efficient and accurate packing and storage system
  • Monthly and annual real-time audit of valuables
  • Shipment of goods to the desired location
  • Inventory hedging and leasing options
  • Ideal financing options
  • On-site meeting and sampling

What Services Do They Offer?

CNT Depository chiefly offers segregated and allocated storage of precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, and platinum.

Exemplary services offered by CNT Depository to its clients:

📌Insurance Coverage for All Goods

CNT works with Lloyd's of London to ensure its customers' assets. This covers risks such as theft, physical damage, loss, and other liabilities that may be encountered during the storage and shipment period.

📌Secure Shipping

CNT can ship your assets to your desired location. Most clients use the company's shipping service since it works seamlessly while still being an affordable option. If you want to handle shipping yourself you are responsible for the protection of your assets as well as shipping fees that will occur.

📌Monthly and Annual Audits

Working with CNT you can track the final position of your assets. The company offers both physical checks and online audits for its clients. They are done on a monthly or annual basis but absolutely with a pre-determined program.

Why Choose CNT Depository?

  • CNT protects all precious metals against all risks and physical damages, liabilities, loss, and theft. CNT has coverage from Lloyd's of London.
  • They don't contract storage or security to other companies. Your assets will be safeguarded by CNT provided your assets are under their control.
  • It is COMEX-approved. Less than ten depositories are COMEX-certified in the world. As an aspiring investor, rest assured that CNT is thus highly scrutinized and monitored to ensure that it meets global depository standards.
  • Few limitations. Since it is privately owned, it is subjected to very few limitations as compared to other banking institutions. Also, CNT does not lend assets. The company doesn't look to make a profit from your assets by lending others.
  • Their services are satisfying. CNT offers, efficient, accurate, and safe procedures allowing the investor to focus on other undertakings while they safely handle your precious assets.
  • Accurate and authentic inspection. CNT Depository has a well-trained and highly experienced staff to perform controls. They inspect everything. Knowing the assets are well taken care of builds the investor's trust.

What Storage Options Do They Have?

👉Segregated Storage

In the CNT depository, all precious metals are allocated and segregated. The metals assets you keep in their stores, are the same metals you will receive during withdrawal. Individual care is accorded to the investors' metals.

👉IRA Storage

This is basically for IRA-approved precious metals. So, if you are an investor aspiring to venture into the gold trade this storage is tailored for your needs. Also, note that not all IRA storage allows gold investments. IRA can also allow storage of other metal assets such as silver and platinum.

👉CME Storage

CME allows for the storage of base metals and other precious items. Like the rest of the storage options, rates vary depending on the commodities being stored and the time they will take in the CNT depository.

Is There Any Insurance?

Yes. Aside from physical security, CNT facilities offer goods insurance through Lloyd's of London, which ensures your metals during their time in their vaults.

Additionally, internal audits are done every month. Annual internal audits are also done to further ensure the maximum safety of your assets. Should you need to do a private audit of your goods, the CNT depository makes arrangements for that as well.

CNT Certifications and Governmental Relationships

  1. Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). Gold and Silver metals are licensed in the CNTD by ICE.
  2. Governmental Entities. CNT also has healthy business relationships with The Perth Mint or The Royal Mint.
  3. Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). CNT is a licensed storage depot for COMEX palladium, platinum, and silver.

How Can I Track My Assets Stored in CNT Depository?

CNT gives you the ability to track and confirm the safety of your assets. Clients receive an accounting statement at the end of the fiscal year.

Besides, every transaction you make is accompanied by a certificate of receipt. An inventory update is also issued to fast-track the transaction.

CNT's customer support is always on the watch. So if you want to have an account update, you can have that anytime. They welcome in-person inspections as well if you want to visit the facility.

All you need to do is to make an appointment with the facility you want to visit. If you want to do it online, an arrangement is made online so that you can track the safety of your goods through a secure internet connection.

What Types of Products Can Be Stored in CNT Depository?

All types. CNT stores all types of platinum, silver, gold, and palladium coins, and even rounds.

How Can I Take Delivery of My Metal Assets?

Well, the procedure of taking deliveries in the CNT depository is fast and precise. First, contact is made by the client to the PMIG. You will also be required to complete a shipping request in form of a written or typed document.

Afterward, the company will help you in organizing a safe shipment of your metal assets to the location of your choice. The standard handling fee is usually $25. On top of this insurances and courier costs are all applicable.

What Fees Do CNT Depository Charge?

With CNT Depository, fee schedules and charges vary depending on the valuables being stored. For new clients, you will be mandated to pay a one-time setup fee of $50.00.

For all valuables under $36,000.00, you will pay a minimum monthly fee of $15.00. The client's accounts are valued every day. Overall fees are determined on the last day of each month.

Additional fees

Here is a list of additional costs that potential clients and new customers need to take note of as well.

  • Customer Room Usage: $25/hr.
  • Online, Real-time Usage: $50/hr.
  • Replacement Packaging: $50/pallet

Below is a table showing various chargeable rates

Total Market Value of AssetsAnnual Rate
$0 – $35,999.990.67%
$36,000 – $99,999.000.62%
$100,000.00 – $149,999.990.57%
$150,000.00 – $199,999.990.52%
$200,000.00 – $249,999.990.47%
$250,000.00 – $299,999.990.42%
$300,000.00 – $349,999.990.37%
$350,000.00 – $399,999.990.32%
$400,000.00 – $449,999.990.29%
$450,000.00 – $499,999.990.26%

What Payment Methods Do CNT Depositories Accept?

CNT only transacts on valuables such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. They do not accept cash, credit cards, money orders, bank deposits, and cashier's checks.

What do You Need to Know: CNT’s Terms and Conditions?

Before you submit your application, it is crucial to go through CNT’s terms of service. This information is helpful not only during your transactions with the company but also prepares you for what you are about to face.

  • The minimum threshold per transaction is $10,000.
  • CNT Depository does not accept payments in cash, credit cards, money order, bank deposits, and cashier's checks.
  • Collection of material for individual investment purchases is only available in the head office in Massachusetts. it can also be made through direct deposits to a segregated storage account.
  • Shipments are not offered beyond the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • CNT's compliance forms must be completed diligently as per the instructions therein. The forms contain your acknowledgment to transact under the terms and conditions of the company's acts.
  • No third-party transactions are acceptable. Such applications will be promptly turned down.
  • Upon submitting your application, you will be given notification via email. You will be required to click the confirmation once you receive the email for authentication purposes. It may take about three to five days for the compliance team to verify your confirmation.

Note that your application will be declined if anything is found to defy CNT, Inc’s standards. So always make sure that the form is filled with honesty and due diligence.

CNT Depository Minting Services

One of the services offered by CNTD is minting. They have developed great reputations as the best producer of high-quality minted products. They offer a varied range of products for both copper and silver.

Their full production commitment has seen success in minted products of 1 oz and 10 oz sizes. Additionally, they use flameless technology to make 10 oz kilo and 100 oz products.

1. Feedstock

CNT is committed to providing top-quality products and services. With silver, for instance, they use 9999 silver and purified copper for their manufacturing process.

With years of connections and relations to trusted and reputable suppliers, they receive a steady supply of metal which allows for the production of high-quality products. The production is consistent and guaranteed.

2. Custom Minting

CNT Minting is designed in a special way to enable clients to grow their brands. This is made possible by leveraging production capabilities, storage, metal holdings, and distribution lines.

So, if you are aspiring to grow your brand and upgrade to the next level, this is an ideal spot for you. They will help you to develop and produce an individual product. This is ideally the best place to elevate your brand.

3. CNT Depository Logistics

Regardless of your location, CNT is proud to deliver your investments safely and efficiently. This is made possible through:

  1. Drop-Shipping. CNT vaulting staff are always in action. They organize shipping services, on your behalf, directly to end recipients. These include custom tubes and boxes. They have highly innovative solutions to generate a tailored experience for your customers and clients.
  2. Global solutions. CNT has partnered widely with industry transportation leaders to safely deliver your goods. Such services are available even across the border. It is the sole duty of CNT'S logistics department to oversee the management of all orders and ensure the delivery of valuables most quickly and safely possible.

4. Distribution

CNT is, undoubtedly, the leading distributor of notable government mints. These include the US Mint and other reputable suppliers and distributors such as the North American Perth. CNT provides direct supply and distribution of metal mints to clients.

Distribution is done through:

  • Investment Grade. CNT primarily specializes in silver, gold, platinum, palladium, and rhodium thus creating an aggressive two-way market for a wide range of these products. Its 24-hour watch desk provides access to global markets and monitors market trends. It is indeed a catalyst to make your business blossom.
  • Wholesale. To ensure that you have what you need, CNT keeps track of global markets. Its wholesale operation makes it a giant business monopoly which helps in ensuring smooth flow of valuables.