13 Content Marketing Strategies To Implement

Your website or blog can effectively help your business only if you are implementing the right content marketing strategies.

Let's face it. We are no more living in an era of only a few businesses using the internet to grow their businesses. Everyone tries to hack their growth using the opportunities internet offers.

In such a competitive environment, you need to differentiate yourself using proven to work strategies.

Think about it for a second.

If you can create really amazing piece of content, it will live on the web forever. It will circulate on social media over and over again. People will link to it and boost the authority of your website.

You will be driving organic traffic, leads, and sales almost on autopilot.

Once you write create great content you will notice a chain reaction of good things will happen. The more engaging and insightful your content is the more likely it will promote itself once it is discovered by the others.

You should relate content marketing as a kind of money-making machine that works without ever becoming exhausted. If content marketing is done properly your business will only expand.

I will share my 13 content marketing strategies that will help your content stand out from the others.

1. Write Great Headlines

I know it sounds like a cliche, but I cannot emphasize enough the need for writing great headlines.

No matter how great a piece of content, if a great headline is missing that content will fail.

Convincing people to read a piece of content is like baby-stepping them.

The headline is the initial entry of your content. People will decide to read your content only if your headline gives them a reason about you have something good to say.

Start with the fundamentals, and write great headlines at all times. Your headline will affect your CTR (Click Through Rate), and time spent on site. If your headlines are really good, people will click on your site in search results more often than your competitors.

This gives search engines one clear message. The users want to see your page since it is more relevant to what users are looking for.

2. Use Powerful Words To Attract Attention

Try using a strong language that clearly stands out from your competition. Touch people's emotions by using words like “Killer, Catastrophic, Lethal, Explosive and/or Fantastic, Mind-Blowing, Extraordinary, Miraculous, Incredible”. This type of language will create curiosity in people's brains to read your content.

strong language

Don't be clickbaity by taking it too far and deceiving people with the titles that are not coherent with your content. Using too many power phrases may be perceived as ingenious or even spammy.

3. Be enigmatic & fascinating

Everybody enjoys some mystery; some suspense. Rise the reader's interest by taking advantage of the difference between users' problems and the solutions you can provide.

Think outside of the bag. Dare to be edgy and surprising. Unfilter yourself and the information you give. Write things the users don't expect you to write. Always back up the information you provide with clear data and facts.

I recommend subscribing to leading blogs such as Copy Blogger, QuickSprout, Social Media Examiner and Content Marketing Institute. Note the types of headlines they use. Don't be scared to be creative and learning from your mistakes.

Create valuable content that is bountiful, insightful and innovative. It should be a big joy for the reader to read your content. People love and interact with the content, as long as it appeals to their senses. When you know what really appeals to your target audience, you'll see your content spreading like an epidemic.

4. Write a Viral Piece Of Content

There is of utmost importance to create viral content, as it will push your users to share your content. Aim for writing a viral piece of content that spreads all alone. If your content is worth to what is expected from it, it will go viral automatically.

5. Newsjacking Social Trends

We live in a world of hashtags and trending topics. We can say hashtags are everyday patterns of our lives. If you Newsjack, you're essentially using trending topics on social media to optimize your content.

For example, if #NationalDogDay is on Twitter, consider creating a piece of content that is relevant to your niche. It will differentiate you from your competitors if you keep writing on trending topics.

6. Write Longer Form Of Content

Write longer content as they are usually more detailed and cover more subject points. The common mistake believed, people are lazy and don't like reading long copies.

If your content is uninformative and invaluable to people, they'll bounce back. Nevertheless, if you have good content with relevant, newsworthy information, your users will most likely want to read all your content.

7. Make visual content your priority

Another great strategy you may not be implementing enough is using visual content. It has been stated that Tweets containing photos have earned approximately almost 90 percent more favorites and approximately 150 percent more ReTweets than Tweets without images.

You can curate most of the images you share on Twitter and other social media sites. However, I strongly recommend you dare to be a little adventurous with your camera and take authentic pictures.

8. Have a content publishing calendar

You need a detailed yet simple marketing plan. A calendar is a good tool to ensure scheduling and check if you're on track.

As you know your target audience better, you can build more targeted action plans by incorporating various content marketing strategies for your users.

Just make sure you follow every new strategy's highest performance. Don't create content just to create content. Please consider giving the audience great value.

9. Repurpose Your Content

They say “Kill two birds with one stone” Remember this quote when creating your content, as it can be invaluable and extremely effective.

Take the time to get back to the content you wrote earlier. Make an audio podcast and post it on audio content publishing websites. Build and post an infographic on your website and on Pinterest.

For example, if you created an infographic last year, and you are now creating a video consider integrating your infographic into the new video you create.

Content is not only words, try to maximize your potential by using various forms of content for your website.

Once you tweak and repurpose your content to distribute on different platforms, you get amazing results without spending the time of creating a new piece of content from scratch.

10. Allow Others To Guest Post On Your Site

Guest blogging has become increasingly popular as it is a “win-win” process, implemented right benefits both parties. You may invite others to write guest posts on your website.

There's a big difference between spamming on short 500-word blogs across the web and blogging guests. Guest blogs concentrate on information and professional posts that highlight the knowledge area of the business and its contribution to the industry at large. Guest blogs are mostly professional non-promotional posts.

It's a very effective content marketing strategy since it allows entering the markets that you may not even know existed and turn them into customers. It's one of the best brand marketing and reputation types. When you reach high-level sites and post content on them, it gives your brand the much-awaited drive.

11. Take Advantage Of Video Marketing

If you can integrate video into your content marketing plan or sales process, your customers can enjoy a self-service product. Using this technique, you can deliver accurate information without involving the salespeople.

Besides audio, live streaming is another emerging trend, quickly becoming the norm across industries. To stay ahead of your rivals, you should find innovative ways to use this video platform to get new customers.

Overall, the simplicity of live video advertising makes it work. Every consumer and the potential customer wants “real and cool” products. Live videos allow you to see what's happening behind the scenes while making your customers more acquainted with you.

12. Personalize Your Content

There are signs that in 2020, brands investing in a different type of product personalization will outsell those without personalized content by multiple folds. In short, the product personalization strategy's efficacy is unquestionably strong for any company that adopts it.

13. User-generated content

Many brands invest in unique user-generated campaigns, encouraging loyal customers to become product ambassadors and share their positive experiences on social media with friends and family.

User-generated content on social networks serves as social proof as humans tend to trust other people's choices and behavior. Apparently, people trust other people's content than they trust the brands ‘ own content.

Instagram uses user-generated content mainly, where most brands use hashtags to create fascinating stories. User-generated content also improves user awareness and interaction. Such two are important factors that eventually increase brand awareness.

Content marketing strategies like many other marketing practices change over time. Otherwise, you should respond to the latest trends, you'll be swept off your foot. Therefore, you should do everything you can to stay ahead of your rivals before the patterns become obsolete.

If you want to outsource content work with a professional company. I used to order content from various places, and almost all the time results were terrible. Finally, I have found Content development pros and ordered content from them for one of my niche sites. The quality of the content delivered was almost all the time very good.