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By Altay Gursel | July 11, 2020
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Should you choose Instacart vs Walmart Delivery?

Instacart vs Walmart Delivery Grocery delivery comparison

We all know that technology has no limits. Over the years, our lives become easier thanks to technology. Most of what we want with our smartphones is at our fingertips.

As technology advances, our needs change. Sometimes these needs may be necessary. Sometimes, we may want to make little spoils.

Online grocery shopping companies also help us in this regard. It helps us when we don’t have time or have more important jobs. Or even if there are not all these excuses. They are also great helpers when you just want to laze.

There are a lot of companies to meet this necessity and a little luxury need. Few companies would not be expected to serve in such a demanding sector. Ordering your market shopping to your home online means using the service industry.

Especially in this sector, there are certain companies that have highlighted them. Companies that have acclaimed customers in this ocean are always more advantageous.


Watching TV, Taking Surveys, Shopping & Cash Offers

If you want to shop online, you should do so through reliable websites and applications. You searched for reliable and popular companies, and then what?

We know that you don’t have a single option. You should choose the most suitable one for you and your budget among these options.

In this article, we will compare two companies that are truly pioneers in the industry. Instacart and Walmart Grocery Delivery.

If you have searched online grocery shopping services on the web, you should be familiar with these companies. Both are great companies and prioritize their customer satisfaction. Therefore, it may not be easy to make a choice between.

We think you will have a hard time making a choice. Therefore, we will compare the Instacart and Walmart Grocery Delivery companies for you. We will tell you all the positive and negative aspects.

After getting to know these two big online market shopping companies in detail, you can start shopping. At the end of our article, you will have a lot of important information about the two companies. Let’s start to get to know the companies and our winner appears.

First of all, let’s start explaining Instacart. What is it, how to use it, what are the advantages and disadvantages? Read on for the answer to all these questions.



Instacart is one of the most popular grocery shopping companies in recent times. It offers a wide range of services to its customers with its wide retail partnerships.

Grocery shopping, household goods, electronic items, alcoholic beverages… Actually, it finds solutions to most things that come to your mind. Then he delivers it to your door.

You can start using the application on the website or on your mobile phones. If you want to download applications on your phone, don’t worry. The application is available for both Android and IOS operating systems. It is very easy to use the application in two different ways.

All you have to do is create your own account on the website or application. You are now ready to shop with the account you created. Your shopping with Instacart will be very easy. Because this company offers you a 24/7 service. In other words, you can order any time of the day.

Instacart does not have the option to deliver only on the same day. You can also order for a later date. The company allows you to order up to 6 days later. Your market shopping will arrive at your door on the day and time you want.

Also, you may not want your grocery shopping to arrive at your door. In this case, it is still very easy to do. When completing your order, it is sufficient to state that you will receive your products yourself.

At the time you say you will receive the delivery, the grocery store will be ready for you and ready to go.

There is a point you need to know before you create your account and start using the application. First of all, let us remind you that this service is a bit of luxury service.

This means that you will have to pay a certain fee to benefit from this service. This fee will be a membership fee. In this way, you will be able to benefit from the application.

Instacart continues to serve by growing since its establishment in 2012. In this way, it reinforces the trust of its customers and provides convenience to them. You now have detailed information about Instacart.

What about Walmart Grocery Delivery?

Let’s get to know that big company now. Then we can start our comparison.

Walmart Grocery Delivery

Walmart grocery delivery

Is anyone not hearing about Walmart? We don’t think so. If you live in the US and there is something missing at home, you know what to do.

Yes, you go to Walmart. We can say that Walmart Grocery Delivery actually changes this understanding a little. You are not going to Walmart for your grocery shopping. Walmart comes to you.

Sounds good, right?

If you want to try this special application of Walmart, what you need to do is quite simple. Create an account for yourself on the website or app. Then start adding the desired grocery shopping products to your cart.

It works in a system quite similar to Instacart. You can request your orders as home delivery. Or you can pick it up from Walmart, the closest to you, at your chosen time intervals. This second method is a method that employees generally use to save time.

After all your work is done, you can take the bags prepared only for you and go to your home.

You can pay for your grocery shopping orders by cash or credit card. You have the option to pay online via the direct application. In this way, you will get rid of another load.

You do not have to be a member-only to order from Walmart Grocery Delivery. You can order grocery shopping without a member by paying a certain order fee.

You have detailed information about Instacart and Walmart Grocery Delivery. In fact, as you can see, it’s actually the same thing in general. Ordering facilities, availability of delivery options, payment facilities, etc.

Now we will compare these two companies with their membership fees, coupons, and discounts. In this way, we will see which of these two companies are more advantageous. In fact, whose operations are almost in line.

When the costs come into play, then the real winner emerges. We are also looking for a winner in this article. So let’s start the comparisons and determine our winner.

đź’ł Membership Fees

You don’t think you can access these services without any fees, do you? It would not be right to think so. Because the service you receive is quite high quality. It is also not an essential necessity.

Therefore, if you want, order from Walmart Grocery Delivery or from Instacart. Both have certain delivery fees and membership fees.

Instacart Membership Fees

Instacart does not offer you a monthly membership option. The annual membership fee is $ 99. However, if you do not want to pay this fee at once, you have the chance to pay $ 9 a month.

You wanted to take advantage of the annual membership service and made your payment. Is it over with that? Our answer is, unfortunately, no.

You should pay a certain delivery fee for your orders under $ 35. This delivery fee is not a flat fee. This rate varies according to the regions served by Instacart. You can calculate this rate as approximately 5% -7,5% of your order amount.

Note that if you are ordering alcoholic beverages, you must also pay extra for this. This price will vary depending on your order and your region. You can calculate the price you pay extra for between $ 2 and $ 10.

Perhaps one of the most important minuses of Instacart is that its pricing can change. So what does this mean? For example, when the order density is high or late at night.

If you want to order one of these time frames, Instacart can charge you an extra fee. This is not always a clear rule. However, without forgetting that such things can happen, it will be useful for you to adjust your order time accordingly.

We talked about a few negatives. But don’t worry, there is also a very advantageous aspect that is positive.

You have become a new member of Instacart and have paid your annual fee. You will not be charged any delivery fees for all orders that you will make for the first 2 weeks. Exclusively for new members.

Isn’t it great?

In this way, you get used to the application in the first two weeks and the delivery you want is at your door without additional charge.

An important note: Read this note if you are going to tip the people who brought and prepared your order. (Also please tip. You will be very kind and you will make people very happy.)

After completing your order, you can change your tips within 3 days. Or if you have never tipped, you can also tip in this process.

Now, how much will Walmart Grocery Delivery cost you, let’s talk about it?

Walmart Delivery Membership Fees

Firstly, it is worth mentioning, you do not need to be a member to order online grocery shopping through Walmart. In other words, it is up to you to try the application and decide whether or not to subscribe according to your level of satisfaction.

If you want to order to experiment before becoming a member, you can do so. Add your orders to your shopping list. Then you need to pay the delivery fee, which is approximately $ 9. It’s actually that easy and practical. In some cases, the delivery fee may drop up to $ 7, so be aware.

If this system is not for you, if you are going to order online once in a while, then you can skip getting an annual or monthly membership. It would be wiser to do this for you.

You have done your experiment and if you are satisfied then let’s move on to the next step. If you are going to order market shopping frequently online, you should definitely buy a membership. Otherwise, it can be really costly for you.

Act on your budget and buy one of the monthly or yearly membership packages. The monthly membership package is $ 13. If you are going to buy an annual membership, it costs $ 99.

Let us give you information about product pricing. The products you add to your cart are almost exactly the same as the prices of the products in the store. You can keep this in mind as a pretty good advantage.

The majority of customers using Walmart Grocery Delivery complain about one thing. This is that the service can sometimes be really slow. Apart from that, users are generally satisfied with the application and the opportunities it offers.

You can easily use the coupons you usually collect while shopping from this company. In this way, you will both shop and save some money. However, it is worth noting that there is no discount code or coupon about membership.

We compared Instacart and Walmart Grocery Delivery in detail. Although it may seem the same as each other in the beginning, the situation is not so. When it comes to costs, they differ from each other. There are also minor differences in customer satisfaction.

If you are ready, let’s make a final evaluation and announce the winner.

Closing Opinions

It should be admitted that both companies are very successful. They take care to do their job in the best way. They also prioritize customer satisfaction.

However, a firm comes out a little earlier. This is Instacart. Instacart is able to offer more variety to its customers due to its different retail partners. In addition, they seem a little more experienced in order delivery times and quality.

Walmart Grocery Delivery is a pretty good and smart option. However, when we compare it with Instacart, a few negative points can stand out. But you really don’t have to choose just one and shop from this company forever.

While keeping your Instacart account, you can also order from Walmart sometimes. You can feel the comfort of not wanting a certain membership.

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