IRS Approved Depository: Why do you need one?

IRS Approved Depositories Explained Please note, none of the information on this website is financial advice. Always seek advice from a financial professional since all information provided on this website is for educational purposes only. If you are investing in precious metals, you need to take storage seriously. We know all investments have a certain… Read More »

Is Platinum a good investment?

Should you invest in platinum? Everyone wants to grow their money. Therefore they invest their money in different asset classes. The hope is to sell the acquired asset to a more expensive price later on. However, this post’s focus is platinum. Can you grow your money investing in it? Is platinum a good investment you… Read More »

Northwest Territorial Mint Review

Should you work with Northwest Territorial Mint? Company Background Northwest Territorial Mint was founded in1984, by a man named Ross Hansen. Hansen is a seasoned bullion dealer and minting expert who has well over 30 years’ experience in his respected field. He began his first endeavor in the precious metals industry in 1981, at the… Read More »

Goldline: Is It Safe, Legit, Right for Me?

Goldline Company Review Company Background Located in Los Angeles, California, Goldline has been one of the most trusted dealers for precious metals in the United States since back in 1960. Goldline has delivered billions of dollars’ worth of precious metals to its customers since their inception. When researching their origins, it’s a little bit hazy.… Read More »

Is American Hartford Gold Group the right choice?

American Hartford Gold Group Review Let me just start by saying Bill O’Reilly strongly says they are the only company he recommends for your gold and silver needs. Mind that outburst, it’s just the first that pops-up when you go to American Hartford Gold Group. Don’t believe me? Click the link and see 😊 The… Read More »

Miles Franklin Review: Precious Metals Investments

What to Know About Miles Franklin? Miles Franklin was founded by David and Andrew Schectman. The vision that they brought to the table was to offer a wide variety of precious metal products, extensive broker expertise, and of course, fair pricing. Miles Franklin is what you call anything but your average old ordinary gold and… Read More »

Should you use a precious metals depository storage?

Do you need a precious metal depository storage? Precious metal ownership requires a planned approach. It is never a good idea buying precious metals without having a proper storage plan in mind. Precious metal depositories exist to help investors right at this point.  A precious metals depository stores investors’ assets in their third party storage… Read More »

Modern Coin Mart Review: Is it good anyway?

All To Know About Modern Coin Mart First off, you should know the precious metals industry today is a thriving bed for unscrupulous dealers. There has been a constant rise in the number of dealers who pressure unsuspecting customers into buying invaluable products at high premiums. And do you know what sets the process of… Read More »

Scottsdale Bullion & Coin: Is it your best option?

Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Review Naturally, making investment decisions should be something important- and personal. Investing in precious metals shouldn’t be any different. And when choosing a dealer, you need one that can afford you your privacy. One that can give you about all the education you need, so you can decide on your terms.… Read More »

Blanchard and Company, Inc. Review

What to know about Blanchard and Company, Inc. The list of dealers in the precious metals industry keeps growing larger. And this makes it hard to identify the dealers with any real experience. I understand this. I also know that a certain amount of peace comes with working with someone who has the right amount… Read More »