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Should You Buy PBN Backlinks from Fiverr?

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PBN (Private Blog Network) is always a hot topic of discussion no matter in what year we are.

There are two different types of approaches in the SEO community when it comes to PBN links.

Some people are strictly against using PBN links, while other groups of people cannot do without them.

PBN links are without any doubt black hat links. Using them entirely depends on individual preference.

Everyone’s SEO goals and risk appetite are different. Hence it is at your own risk using or not using them. I am not here to tell you if you should use them for your SEO campaigns.

Being said that, If you wonder PBN links still work today, I would recommend you reading this post here.

We are going to discuss today if PBN links from Fiverr good choice for your website.

Since we discuss a specific PBN links provider, I assume you have at least some interest to build these links.

Why Fiverr?

Fiverr is famous for its $5 gigs. It is very useful to outsource many jobs there for affordable prices.

However, we will discuss if it worths saving money buying cheap PBN links from Fiverr.

Are Fiverr PBN links safe?

Before answering this question we should answer another question.

What makes a PBN link safe or unsafe?

Here are major points that may help you to spot low quality PBN links.

Low Sales Price

Most of the Fiverr PBN links sold between $5-$25. This is not even the price for a single link. It is usually for several dozen of PBN links.

PBN links from Fiverr

The low sales price is the first indicator of low-quality PBN links.

Does it mean the expensive PBN links higher quality?

It depends. It may be, or it may not be. It is the discussion of the whole another post.

But, what you should know, building and maintaining a healthy PBN requires hard work and a good investment.

If PBN links are offered for a very cheap price, it is very likely to be sold to a large group of people. If it is done in scale, it is likely that Google knows what is going on.

Will PBN link vendors share with you if their PBNs are hit by Google algorithm updates?

No, absolutely not. They want to sell links. It is their best interest to tell you their PBNs has zero footprints.

You are buying those links without knowing what is going on behind the scenes.

Most people ordering these gigs don’t even ask from which domains the links will come.

Anytime you get a link (black hat and white hat) from a website, you need to check the domain authority, and spam score metrics.

Else you can get links from the websites that are too obvious to be junk.

You can use 3rd party tools like SEMrush to check domain metrics and backlink profile of a website.

Amount Of Backlinks Sold At Once

Let’s say you still want to buy PBN links from Fiverr. Because you don’t agree with me that I am telling here Fiverr PBN links are junk.

Alright, I can relate to that. SEO is a subjective science since none of us know the exact algorithm Google runs.

But I want to share with you something that I am very sure about.

No matter what type of links you build (PBN, guest posting, GSA links, forum profile, etc.) if you build 50 of them at once you will blow up your website.

Google is a robot and programmed to use different metrics to position websites in SERP. One of the important metrics is link building velocity.

If you want to buy links from a Fiverr seller, ask the seller to give you 1-2 links at once. Then wait for a few weeks and see what happens.

If you want to build churn and burn websites you can buy the gig that offers you 50 PBN links at once.

Who knows you may get really lucky to hit the #1 spot in Google. However, I wouldn’t do so, since I have long term plans with my sites.

Seller reputation on Fiverr

Although I believe all PBN links from Fiverr are junk, you should still pay attention to the seller’s reputation on Fiverr.

Think about it, people go and buy a bunch of links for $5.

The seller delivers the gig a day or two later. Then buyers leave a gig review.

What is the likelihood of that review to be genuine?


Even if you do something great that will positively affect your rankings, it will take at least a few weeks to see any tangible results.

What that means, people only leave a good review, because all previous 100 buyers left a good review.

Or, maybe the seller has kept good communication, etc.

There is no way to know if a built backlink is good unless a sufficient amount of time is given for it.

In fact, there is no way to know if any backlink is good unless you test is in isolation while keeping all other variables constant.

PBN domains hosted on Cheap Webhosting

We have already discussed that you need to know which domains will give you the PBN links. Once you get the domain name you will need to scrutinize it carefully.

Is it hosted on a reputable Webhosting or a dollar hosting?

Google has taken action against suspicious Webhosting providers that are very cheap.

These are usually reseller hosting accounts that are purchased in mass to sell in fractions for more profit. Since they are cheap, they provide the flexibility to host each domain on a unique IP address for an affordable price.

Declining traffic stats

You may think a PBN is built to provide backlinks only. However, Google doesn’t think the same way.

Unless it is found by Google, PBN sites is a normal website that receives traffic from the search engines.

If the domain you plan to get links shows declining or flat traffic stats, it may be a sign of a Google penalty.

Uncommon domain extensions

Unless there is a good reason, don’t get backlinks from the domains that have are uncommon domain extension.

Let’s say you have a restaurant business in Italy.

It would be normal to have backlinks from the domains with the “.it” extension. However, it would look weird to have a backlink from the “.ru” domain extension.

I am talking about domain extensions like “.xyz” or “.abc”.

Get your links from “.com”, “.net”, or “.org” domains.

Domains That Have No (Contact / Privacy Policy / Legal Pages)

If you buy PBN links from someone, make sure the website is fully built with its all-important pages.

A lot of times, PBN sites forget creating pages like:

  • Contact Page
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Other Legal Pages

Stay away from websites that don’t look to your eye legit.

Sites with Low Quality Or Spun Content

High-quality PBN link vendors invest money in good content. Because they can sell links for a good price. Those vendors would definitely wouldn’t want to risk their reputation since they make good money.

Most legit PBN vendors sell a single link about $100. Don’t get my word wrong. There is no market standard. You may pay from $50 – $500 depending on the link you will get.

Most Fiverr sellers cannot afford to pay unique content for PBN sites. They usually use spun articles or expired domain content.

How come someone can sustain a PBN business by selling links for $5 only?

It is not possible.

Hence, stay away from the links coming from the sites that have low-quality content.

I was almost forgetting, a 500-word content is suspicious no matter how good it is. Nowadays people rarely create content less than 1000 words.

Using Google Applications

Using Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Console is a very obvious footprint that PBN domains should avoid.

However, it is not the only way Google sneaks into websites to collect information. Google Fonts plugin may help Google to collect information from a website.

If you find out a domain that provides the PBN link has Google Fonts plugin set up, you may consider not to have that backlink.

How To Buy PBN Links From Fiverr?

Assuming you have decided to purchase links from Fiverr. Here are safety tips you should consider in addition to the points already mentioned.

  • Work with reputable Fiver sellers only.
  • Ask to get 1-2 links only.
  • Don’t get more than 1 link per domain.
  • Don’t get exact match keyword anchors only.
  • Don’t get many backlinks pointing to a certain page.

My Best Anchor Text Practice

  • %50 (brand name & naked anchor)
  • %25 (generic anchor like “this post”, “read this”)
  • %10 (phrase match anchor)
  • %10 (exact match anchor)
  • %5 (image anchor)

Final Notes

Fiverr PBN links are not something I would include in my SEO campaigns. They are probably the most vulnerable ones to Google algorithm updates.

If you want to give a try, know that you will always need to look over your shoulder buying these links.

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