Regal Assets Affiliate Program (RA Wealth Partners)

RA wealth partners affiliate program

Regal Assets affiliate program is a true high-paying affiliate for those who want to make thousands of dollars on one single click.

Let me ask you a simple question. How much can you make from a single visitor promoting an affiliate program? $1, $100, or maybe $500?

What if I told you there was a way for someone to make $90,000 from a single click.

A single click may worth $90,000 if you promote the Regal Assets affiliate program. That is right, you can make an entire year of living from a single visitor.

The below check shows a customer spent $3 million with the company. It made a cool commission for an affiliate worth 90k!

affiliate made a fortune

The RA Wealth Partners affiliate program was formerly known as Clickagain but has been rebranded to better communicate the values and services that they provide.

Let's have a look at how come the company can pay this large of a sum to an affiliate.

Regal Assets (RA) is a precious metal and cryptocurrency investment company. They have different investment options like rollover IRA or 401k into Gold IRA or Silver IRA. The company helps people to make important investment decisions in alignment with their financial situation.

RA has built an excellent reputation on the market that extends over 10 years today. Hence any people with an interest in this company's products will not hesitate to be a customer of them.

As an affiliate, your goal is to bring visitors to one of the landing pages you are provided.

Once a visitor signs up the form, RA representatives will contact the lead to turn him/her into a buying customer. This company is highly skilled in conversions. You can be sure they will likely convince a potential investor to invest with them.

For whom RA Wealth Partner program is for?

RA Wealth Partner program is a high-ticket affiliate program and definitely not for everyone. If you have no earlier experience in the world of online marketing, then don't waste your time trying to be an RA affiliate partner, you'll just end up disappointed.

If you're a novice affiliate marketer, I would recommend sticking with companies like Amazon or CJ (Commission Junction) since it's easier to generate conversions.

That being said, according to RA Wealth Partners' page there are three types of partner backgrounds that they match with.

RA wealth partners 3 ways to join

You may start with RA Wealth Partners Program as;

  • Affiliate
  • Financial Professional
  • JV Partner

In this post, we're going to talk about how you can join and promote the RA Wealth Partners program as an affiliate. If your skillset is a good fit for any of the other options listed above you will probably have more ways to promote this great program.

How long does the “lead-to-client” process take?

As we have already discussed you will be promoting a high ticket item. The process of converting a lead to business will likely take some good time.

The time it takes to close a lead will depend on how motivated your leads are when they contact the company. Some need more reassurance and convincing while some have already made up their minds about moving forward.

If the lead is doing a Gold IRA, the paperwork processing with other companies can take 3 days to 3 weeks to get everything sorted out. When it comes to signing certain paperwork some clients are hard to get hold of as they are busy with work, family, or traveling.

What is the company's reputation?

In 2013, Regal Assets is included in the Inc 500 list. It is a very serious achievement considering there are millions of private corporations in the US and to be listed on this prestigious list.

The company holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and an AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance with only one complaint over 2 years of age. It also has over 333+ 5 out of 5 star verified client reviews with TrustLink. Additionally, RA has been featured in major publications like Smart Money, Forbes.

The company has a ton of accumulated trust behind them. You will not have a hard time convincing people that the company is very reliable.

Once your lead is contacted and verified as a “qualified lead”, you make money for the lead even it doesn't turn to be business for Regal Assets.

How much you can make promoting RA?

As of 2021, the RA wealth partners program pays a flat %3 commission to its affiliates per closed deal. The commission rate was (1% – 5%) in the past depending on the amount of the closed deal. However, this is no more the case.

The company sets the minimum investment amount as $5,000 for cash deals. Also, the minimum investment amount for IRA is set as $10,000. The average customer spends a whopping $65K with them which means you can potentially make a $1,950 commission from a single sale.

If you have never promoted high ticket affiliate products then it may be challenging when you start for the first time.

This is because promoting these types of products requires a different type of approach. You will need to create an environment where people are comfortable spending money on your recommendations, which can take some practice.

You may wait a few weeks or sometimes months without making a sale. It is frustrating if you are not familiar with this type of experience, but it's important to be patient and keep going!

RA Wealth Partners used to have a mentorship program and it was possible for new affiliates to ask mentors about their own experiences. The company discontinued this service for some unknown reason.

How to get accepted in the Regal Assets Affiliate Program?

It's not hard to get accepted into the RA Wealth Partners program. However, it is always good to maximize your chances by doing a little preparation. This company doesn't want newbie marketers just grabbing their links and blasting them on social media or blog comments.

To increase your chances of getting accepted into the program, consider following the below steps.

Here is how to get accepted into Regal Assets affiliate program.

  1. Have a relevant website (Gold investment blog, Finance blog etc.)

    If you are interested in promoting the RA Wealth Partners program, make sure to have a relevant website. For example, it could be a gold investment blog or personal finance blog that covers Regal Assets' products.

  2. Publish content (Have sufficient amount of content)

    Have at least 10 pages of content published on your site directly discussing gold investment, 401k or IRA rollovers to precious metals, and retirement topics.

    If you're going to choose SEO as your primary promotion method, then the content is key. The 10 pages published may get you in the program but will not be enough to drive serious amount of traffic.

  3. Set up your core pages (About, contact, privacy policy, etc.)

    Don't forget to set up your core pages (about, contact, and privacy policy) on your site to leave a good first impression. If possible include your headshot image on your about page. The more transparent you become with what you do, the easier to get accepted any type of affiliate program.

  4. Create a compliant disclosure page.

    Most affiliate programs will require you to have a disclosure page that mentions you earn a commission for the products you promote. The Regal Assets affiliate program has kind of its own disclosure format that all affiliates are required to comply with.

    It describes what text you should place on your site, in what place as well as other details. Once you apply for this program at least have a basic affiliate disclosure that shows your commitment to comply with the requirements.

    Once you have accepted into the program, you can find more detailed information about how a Regal Assets compliant disclosure page should look like.

  5. Fill out the affiliate application form

    Once you have completed all the above steps. You can visit the RA Wealth Partners page to fill out your affiliate application. You will be asked a few basic questions about your current marketing experience.

    Provide honest and accurate answers since you will need to work with the affiliate managers all the time. Simply provide the information what your marketing background is.

    regal assets affiliate program application page

  6. Bonus tip: Provide your LinkedIn profile

    If you have a relevant LinkedIn profile that is explaining your marketing background, it will always be helpful to provide the link to your profile. It is going to establish a more credible impression with the affiliate manager and will help you to get into this lucrative program.

Once you get accepted into this program you will need to create an affiliate disclosure page. You will find affiliate disclosure requirements in your dashboard under the FAQ section.

Read all FAQ sections before starting to promote this program. Else, you may be disqualified from violating the program's terms of services.

What marketing tools do they provide?

Once you have an affiliate account you are going to have a wide variety of marketing tools at your disposal. Some of these tools are:

  • free guides,
  • landing pages,
  • banners,
  • news articles,
  • videos,
  • targeting and demographics information,
  • keyword list to target.

How to promote the Regal Assets Program?

High-paying affiliate programs require a different type of promotional approach. Here I have collected a few best ways you can promote the Regal Assets program.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic probably the best beginner-friendly method to promote the RA affiliate program. Because paid advertising (PPC, display ads, etc.) can easily break your budget unless you know what you are doing.

If you have some money to invest, you can outsource content to the writers. Obviously, you can also write if you have good writing skills. In my case, I follow a combination of both. I write and outsource content simultaneously. It all depends on how much budget you have.

Try to work with American writers because topics discussed to promote the RA wealth partners program require good English writing skills. It also requires financial literacy but I assume it would be very expensive to focus on native writers with a finance background.

I mean you can pay $30 per post or $300 per post. What you will get as a result depends on where you find writers and how to evaluate their writing skills. If you have found a few good writers that can write good affordable stick to them.

It takes some time and practice. I have tested numerous writers by assigning them different writing tasks to find a few that can write well for a reasonable price.

Make sure you have good keyword research skills. Keyword research is everything when it comes to defining the success or failure of an SEO campaign.

You should know gold investment-related terms like “gold ira review”, “retirement investment options” etc. can be competitive for direct targeting.

If you plan to promote it through SEO and organic traffic only, you need to find backdoors that will allow you to reach the potential customer of the gold investment market indirectly.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Another option to promote Regal Assets is PPC traffic. However, it will likely be very expensive. I personally don't advertise to promote Regal Assets. I have rather focused on good, high-quality content that can rank on Google.

PPC advertising can be really expensive. Expect to pay $30+ per click for a direct buying intent keyword. However, you can check other CPC platforms like Bing, or Exoclick to promote this program.

Display Advertising

One other option used by some affiliates is using display advertising. The success rate of display advertising depends on using a high converting banner or display ad and a targeted audience.

We know that majority of the people who invest in gold are 50+ years old. Regal Assets affiliate dashboard shares other statistics of the target demographics of people who earlier became their customers. This data can be useful if you can set up proper targeting.

Keep in mind, both PPC advertising and display advertising will require you continuous testing. You will need to keep an eye on what banners work what not and which audience, time of the day, etc can give you the best conversions.

Does it mean display advertising doesn't work?

Absolutely not, it works good but if you don't have much experience with paid advertising, starting with the Regal Assets paid promotion is probably not the best idea.

Also, keep in mind the mathematics of affiliate marketing favors content creators more than advertisers. A piece of high-quality content will drive your traffic forever, while a purchased ad-click will either result in sales or the person will leave your site forever.

Considering the high CPC (Cost per click) in the gold investment industry, I would say work on your content. Create content, and make it better after some time. I would say revisit every piece of content at least every 6 months to make it even better.

Please note that I am not talking about the content which is already ranking on Google's page 1, I mean the content stuck on page 5 or 6 six, after 6 months of publishing it. Revise it, earn some links and make it more powerful.

I wish I could tell you organic traffic way is evergreen, but it is not. You will need to constantly work on your craft to keep up with the competition.

Social Media Promotion (Free & Paid)

I am not sure how this option can work out. Most social media platforms will allow you to promote affiliate links to some degree. However, it is probably not the best idea to spam Facebook groups with your link. It is not only irritating to other people, but it can also get you kicked out of any affiliate program forever.

However, Pinterest can be a viable alternative if you are good with it. I have never used Pinterest to push affiliate products. However, I have heard some affiliates using it actively and having great results from it.

Facebook advertising can be another alternative for those who want to utilize display advertising in their promotion.

I mean the methods you can use to promote Regal Assets is literally unlimited. Being said, you should not hesitate to contact your affiliate manager to ask if your preferred promotion method complies with the Regal Assets affiliate program requirements. Else you may run into real trouble that may result in a permanent ban from the program.

Do your competitor analysis

Either you do SEO to promote RA with organic traffic or paid advertising you will need to check what your competitors are doing. It is not hard to find other affiliate websites promoting RA products.

You can use free and paid SEO tools to find out their domain authority, pages that get traffic, and keywords that drive traffic to those pages. In my opinion, the easiest and fastest way to build any type of online success is by modeling what already is working for someone else.

Please note, affiliates are not allowed to use celebrity endorsement to promote any of the products or services of Regal Assets.

Periodically Test Your Lead Submission

As you already know at this point, this is a high ticket affiliate program. Therefore leads don't come every day maybe sometimes every week or month.

Although we may assume that no leads mean no one wanted to signup to be an RA client through our affiliate link, that assumption may be wrong.

Let me put it this way to explain it better.

If you were promoting products from Amazon you would get a sale every day or maybe every other day. It would be surprising for you to earn no commission for 7 days in a row if your site receives decent traffic.

What if you get no sales for 7 days?

You would probably go and check your traffic, links, and other technical stuff. You would think there is obviously something wrong since you are making nothing while you were making at least something.

Promoting Regal Assets, I would recommend testing your lead submission at least once a month, maybe twice a month if you can. There may be cases your links are broken, or the RA lead page may not acquire the lead due to a bug, etc.

These are all possibilities that can drain your PPC budget or waste your SEO traffic.

The traffic in this niche is very expensive and not that much. You definitely wouldn't want to waste it at all. Therefore don't assume everything should work fine as you set them up in the first place. Keep an eye on your site's technicals as well.

Use a service like DownNotifier or a similar one to track both your website & RA website to make sure everything flows as it is planned. If your sire or RA website gets down for some reason you should receive an email from DownNotifier. You will also get another email notifying your tracked website becomes online again.

These are all small details but very important to pay attention to.

How to claim your toll-free number?

If you have closed at least one deal you are qualified for a toll-free number for the life of your account.

toll-free number

You can use this number on your website to invite people to call RA, and once a lead is captured you make your commissions for the lead, and hopefully for the sale in the future.

How does an affiliate get paid?

If you are an affiliate living in the US you will get your affiliate commission via a company check sent to the address provided in the application form. Affiliates who don't live in the US can accept payments through PayPal only.

If you can't have a PayPal account due to restrictions in your country, you can request a wire transfer. However, you will need to pay $60+ commissions for the transaction.

When do affiliates get paid?

RA Wealth Partners program pays commissions to the affiliates on a monthly basis, either at or about the beginning of every month for purchase amounts received by the company.

There is no exact date provided by this program, however, I don't think it is something you should be worrying about.

Regal Assets vs Other Gold IRA Affiliate Programs

Well, there are obviously other Gold IRA affiliate programs as well. You may be thinking about why to promote Regal Assets rather than another gold IRA program. This is a very logical question and there is a good answer to that.

If you have a finance blog, and you review multiple gold investment companies you should definitely link out all of those companies. However, if you plan to dedicate your blog to a single gold affiliate program then RA is hands down best.

I don't need to repeat here again that RA is 5 stars verified client review with TrustLink and it is has been rated #20 in the USA for financial services by Inc. Magazine. There is a massive trust in the company.

But this is not the main reason you should be promoting Regal Assets but not other popular gold IRA programs.

Here is what you need to know.

Regal Assets closes deals (aka converts well)

Both retirement accounts and cash orders are served in a matter of 7 business days following the customer's funding to his/her account. Most competitors of RA still operate like in the old days.

Their processing times usually take much longer. For RA competitors, the processing times can take over 30 days for their order to be delivered to the customers. For retirement accounts, most RA competitors' processing period can take as long as 90 days.

Why would you care that, right?

The sooner the company you are promoting gets paid, the sooner you will get paid as an affiliate.

How do am I so sure Regal Assets are so fast to close deals and serve its clients?

Because for any reason, if RA fails to deliver the customer's order in 7 business days, the customer is given a 1 oz. Silver American Eagle for free of charge.

You should definitely promote a company's product or services that will not waste your time and effort marketing it.

What is the point of spending so much effort in marketing if the company you promote is a piece of crap in the first place, right?

RA provides all its customers with a tracking number. They can track where their order is located at any given time even the actual delivery period is too short and sweet.

Also, RA fully insures all customer orders. If for some reason the customer cannot get the delivery, there is nothing to worry about at all. RA takes complete responsibility for all orders up until the customer signs the required paperwork proving the order is received.

Final Opinions

Promoting high ticket affiliate programs requires a different set of skills. If you don't have any online marketing experience, this program may not be suitable for you. You need to have solid marketing psychology promoting expensive products.

Although this program is proven to be converting well when it is served to the right type of audience, it is still not going to be sold as fast as a headphone on Amazon.

Most successful affiliates use organic search traffic and CPC advertising like Google and Bing. While there are also affiliates who prefer Facebook, PPV, and other contextual traffic sources.

Before you start promoting this program make sure you understand the target audience and keyword competition level.

I don't advise promoting this program with paid advertising right away since the traffic in this market is very expensive. There are chances you can quickly drain your budget without having any positive return. Start with search engine traffic, and after some time you can include paid traffic as your second best bet.

Finally, RA Wealth Partners is the best gold investment affiliate program with a great reputation. If you are in search of a high-paying affiliate program niche the gold investment programs, in particular, Regal Assets is what you need.

I myself promote this product and highly recommend it to those who want to make high affiliate commissions.