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Rosland Capital: Everything You Need To Know About

Rosland Capital

Company Background

Rosland Capital is a precious metal investment company founded by Marin Aleksov in 2008. It is located in Santa Monica and has been actively serving its clients in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, and Hong Kong. 


The company specializes in gold and silver bullions and bars, as well as numismatic coins. However, It is also serving its clients with Gold IRAs and selling precious metals for direct delivery. 


Rosland partners with many precious metal distributors like the United States Mint, the Canadian Mint, PAMP, and other reputable companies to offer the finest quality gold and silver bars, bullion, and premium coins to its clients.

Contact Details

Address: 1333 2nd Street, Suite 200 Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone: (800) 461-1246
Email: [email protected]
Business Hours: Monday-Friday 9 AM – 5 PM

Range of available products & services

You may purchase gold from Rosland Capital for your retirement or your non-retirement saving. The company also offers platinum bars and palladium. However, I couldn’t see palladium is mentioned under any product selection tab.

Here are the range of products offered by the company.

➡️Gold Coins

American Gold Eagle, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, South African Krugerrand, and American Gold Buffalo.

➡️Silver Coins 

American Silver Eagle, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, and 90% silver US coins in bags.

➡️Limited Edition Exclusive Coins 

Williams Racing, Formula 1 motor racing commemorative coins, International Tennis Federation’s Davis Cup, PGA Tour British Museum Masterpiece Collection and the Fed Cup.

➡️Other Value-Added Service

I couldn’t see a comprehensive list of value-added services which is usually accessible on Rosland Capital competitor websites.

I would say the company would include below information on their website at the bare minimum:

  • Storage Options
  • Pricing Policies
  • Buyback Policies
  • Shipping

➡️Precious Metals-backed IRAs

If you work you should be expecting to get retired at some point. It is very important to plan your retirement finances in advance. Therefore having a diversified portfolio that has consist of various asset classes is necessary.

Rosland Capital’s precious metal-backed IRAs are here to help this need. Investing in these types of IRAs your retirement savings are secured by physical precious metal assets.

However, not all types of precious metals are allowed to include in these accounts. The government regulated the list of metals allowed to be included in IRAs.

Why to Rollover IRA to Precious Metals?

We know the dollar is losing its value constantly. That means your hard-earned retirement savings will melt over time with inflation. 

Paper assets like the US dollar can be issued as much as the government wants. Historically, there are many examples of how paper money lost most of its value in a short period of time.

You have very probably heard the Great Recession that made most accounts tied to paper assets almost zero.

On the other hand, gold and silver are finite resources. They cannot be printed or multiplied by the government. Rolling retirement accounts to gold and silver can effectively hedge these accounts against the inflationary loss.

Traditional IRA to Precious Metal Rollover

Most traditional IRA accounts don’t have anti-inflationary assets in them. A precious metals-backed IRA becomes very handy at this point. It defends your savings against inflation while providing the same tax incentives as a traditional IRA does.

Even on the times economy is doing well, precious metals still maintain their intrinsic value. They provide a degree of protection that paper assets can not match.

Diversifying the investments with precious metals-backed IRAs will minimize the risks that may come from financial instabilities. We never know when the next recession hits. Therefore there are many benefits including them in an IRA.

Employer-sponsored 401k Plan To Gold Rollover

Employer-sponsored 401k plans similar to Traditional IRAs don’t include alternative assets like gold or silver. Having a 401k plan tied to paper assets only exposes great risks to your account. If you’re looking to mitigate those risks, the way to go is gold and silver. 

Separating your portfolio from paper assets maintains the purchasing power of your money. You may also very likely grow your account over time. Because gold is a limited asset with increasing demand on it, while the dollar is printed over and over likely to lose its value in the long run.

How to rollover IRA to gold with Rosland Capital?

Gold IRA Rollovers

It is quite easy to set up a precious metal IRA with Rosland Capital. Rosland Capital team is well-equipped to assist you with the entire procedure. They will help you decide to transform an existing IRA into a gold IRA as well as addressing your other questions. 

This is how to set up a precious metal IRA with Rosland Capital.

  1. Step #1: Talk to a representative

    Before making an investment decision always talk to a Rosland Capital representative to assess your individual situation. Although a gold-backed IRA is suitable for most people still you need to plan details in advance.

  2. Step 2#: Fill out and submit your application

    Once you want to set up a precious metal IRA, you will need to fill out and submit your application. Following that, a Rosland Capital representative will contact you requesting to complete the required forms to create an account with Equity Institutional, the IRA provider. 

  3. Step 3#: Choose your metals

    At this point, you can choose which precious metal assets to include in your IRA. Talk to a representative to verify if the gold you want to include in your IRA is eligible.

  4. Step 4#: Fund your account

    Either use a check to fund your IRA, or transfer an active IRA, or create a Gold IRA rollover. Once funding is finalized, Rosland Capital moves the physical gold to a secure Delaware depository.

    Rosland Capital helps to facilitate separate storage for each IRA holder. That means your gold and silver are protected in separate storage allocated for you. When the setup is complete, you pay annual fees to the IRA custodian, Equity Institutional. 

  5. Step #5: Cash out precious metals or pick them up 

    When you hit 72 years of age you will start taking the necessary minimum distributions. By that point, you can cash out or pick up your physical gold.

Wondering how much you need to distribute?

You can visit Rosland Capital ‘s website to use their calculator. Using that you can calculate your minimum distribution amount based on your balance and return rate.

Customer Experience

Company Website Information and Ease of Use

In an appeal to older investors, Rosland Capital features actor William DeVane prominently on their homepage. The trustworthy actor does in fact evoke the proper sense of seriousness in keeping with the website’s credibility.

However, the content on the website is not that complete. There could be more content explaining everything investors should know in detail. 

Social Media Presence

The company is quite active on social media channels that I have linked below. However, it doesn’t directly translate great customer satisfaction. Most engagements held on these channels are for marketing purposes only.

However, it is still good to see the company is dedicated to expanding its market share and taking a proactive effort to reach out to the most amount of customers.

Here are the social media properties owned by the Rosland Capital:

Why to work with Rosland Capital?

  • Ability to order precious metals both from domestic or international locations.
  • Exclusive specialty coins are hard to find in other places.
  • Skilled staff to assist with setting up Gold IRAs.
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 
  • AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance
  • Segregated storage to keep your physical metals safe.

Why not to work with Rosland Capital?

  • The company website may include third party links to services that are not operated by the company.
  • No pricing information shared on the site.
  • The company could be more transparent with its operations in general.
  • Lack of necessary & introductory content on their website.

My impression Rosland Capital doesn’t really differentiate itself in terms of customer service and positive reviews.

What stands out clearly is that the organization is actively finding high-profile ‘social proof’ incentives for public attention.

I have also observed a collection of commemorative coins issued during the PGA Tour and Formula One racing events. Such commemorative activities certainly provide a fantastic chance for Rosland Capital to rub shoulders with these famous brands and seek to draw the associated affluent clientele.

What fees does the company charge?

Rosland capital charges a $50 initial setup fee and a $225 yearly administration fee. I couldn’t find the necessary information if the safe storage is included in the yearly $225 price or not.

I would recommend talking to the representative to verify individual transaction fees that may apply.

To open a gold-IRA account with Rosland Capital the minimum required investment you need to make is $10,000. Please note the fees and other numbers may not be accurate by the time you read this post. Always check these details with a representative before creating a Gold IRA or buying precious metals from Rosland Capital.

Rosland Capital Complaints

Rosland Capital has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+. Although there is few user feedback on the BBB platform, they are worth mentioning as the rating average at 1.25 out of 5 stars.

The Business Consumer Alliance assigns the company an outstanding AAA ranking while Trustlink gives a combination of good and bad reviews.

Depending on my findings while reviewing complaints about Rosland Capital, clients either love the business or hate it. Some claim the representatives made it really simple to invest in gold, but there are many concerns regarding hostile promotions, disrespectful agents, and customer service difficulties.

🙋FAQ about Rosland Capital

How much capital would Rosland Capital recommend to invest in precious metals?

The Rosland Capital specialists take into consideration the individual situation of each client before suggesting an investment plan for precious metals. That said, investing %5 to %20 of a portfolio in metals based is a wise decision for most individuals.

Will I earn interest or dividends in a precious metals IRA?

Precious metals IRAs are not income-generating assets, even those that contain only gold. Your Gold IRA ‘s worth goes up and down based on the market price of the coins and bars you have.

Do Rosland Capital IRAs hold gold-related investments or just gold?

Gold IRAs contain only physical precious metals, which do not include paper-based financial securities such as stocks or bonds.  You may buy gold from the Rosland Capital or transfer an existing IRA to a Gold IRA.

Can I store gold purchased from Rosland Capital at home?

You can store your precious metals anywhere you want. That being said, the Internal Revenue Service requires a third party to store Gold IRA investments in a safe manner.

Home storage always presents security issues and should not be chosen under any circumstance. Rosland Capital Representatives can help you find out where to store your precious metals.

How to track the value of your metal investment with Rosland Capital?

Gold and other precious metal prices fluctuate all the time that makes monitoring difficult. For up-to-the-minute rates, you can contact a Rosland Capital representative.

Precious metal-backed IRAs require the rollover company to have specific business experience. To use this type of IRA, the company you work with should have deep knowledge about the rollovers and IRA-eligible metals.

Bottom Line

There is a noticeable shortage of general investment, or detailed gold IRA investing reference details on the Rosland Capital platform. It is quite odd since the mentioned aim of the organization to “educate the public on the advantages of physically purchasing gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other precious metals, especially by Precious Metal-backed IRAs.”

I am surprised that they don’t appear to take their own motto more seriously to teach, but they also have a detailed “news” chapter containing press releases.

However, at TrustLink we also want to see less derogatory feedback, probably from consumers who have utilized the company’s gold and silver products. In these negative reviews, I have found no evidence of a systematic Rosland Capital rip off at work, but I feel obliged to mention it. 

Investing with Rosland Capital the lack of fee transparency is a major concern. Most other Gold IRA providers are way more transparent about prices. If a company applies the same price policy for each customer, why would they keep it secret, right?  

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Here is why you should work with Regal Assets:

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The company is offering a free Gold investment guide for a limited time, a free edition of Forbes magazines, and a free DVD providing facts about the future of the dollar and US economy.