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Promoting your content is equally important as creating it. Super fresh content generally requires time to get traffic and rank for a good position on Google.

We are going to discuss today a new way of promoting your content to a new audience. It is the way of leveraging other people’s social media audience in your favor. You may never heard it before, it is called Viral content bee.

What Is Viral Content Bee?

Viral content bee” is also formerly known as “Viral Content Buzz“. It is a free platform allows people exchanging content promotion on each other’s social media accounts.

At the most elementary level, you promote other people’s posts on your social media accounts and they promote yours in theirs.


Is Viral content bee Free?

There is a Russian saying I like very much “Free cheese exists only at the mousetrap”. Viral content bee is not truly free since you need to share other people’s content to get your content shared.

Every time you share other people’s content on your social media accounts you gain a certain amount of credit depending on the social platform you share and the number of followers you have.

The platform also lets you schedule other people’s posts to be shared with your followers. It can save you spamming your audience with frequent sharings.

Paid Option

If you don’t like to share other people’s content but you only wish your content to be shared you can go with the paid option. Viral content bee sells credit packages that you can use on their platform. This is how they make their money.

Ability To Choose Multiple Social Media Platforms

Once you want to publish your content you can choose on what social media platforms your content should be shared. This is particularly useful since certain industries perform better on certain social media platforms.

For instance, a food recipe blog may benefit from Pinterest while a Lead generation blog may find it more effective targeting the Linkedin platform.

Needless to say, you can choose multiple social media platforms for your content to be distributed.

Which Social Media Platforms VCB offers to choose?

At this moment platform offers you choosing one or multiple options between Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Mix, Flipboard.

Define Your Niche

To maximize the chances of your content reach the most targeted audience Viral content bee provides groups of interests.

There are multiple options provided for you to choose the most relevant topics that your blog fits in.

groups of interest

In this way, people in your niche can navigate through those categories and find your post to share with their audience.

You will be asked providing very basic information like the URL of your content, title, and description you want to use.

You will also need to specify the amount of budget to be used for certain content. The viral content bee uses a point-based system, and the budget is shown in terms of points.

Generally, the platform is very easy to use and nothing complicated. Hence I didn’t need to create a step by step tutorial.

Once you post your content on the platform it first goes to moderation for review. In my experience, it usually takes a few hours for content to get approved. After the moderator approves your content, it goes alive under categories you defined in the “groups of interest” section.

More budget you allow for the project to use better position it sits on these categories. If you need your content to be shared fast you will need to allocate a bigger budget. Your content gradually gets lower shares due to the budget it has drops overtime.

However, this shouldn’t be any concern. In my experience, it still continues to get shares even it starts to become less frequent.

VCB (Viral Content Bee) has a PRO Forum

VCB has a PRO Forum people share their opinions. This may be a great start if you have no previous experience with the platform.

Learning from other people’s experiences may shortcut the way for you to effectively benefit from the platform.

Is Viral Content Bee worth your time?

What I have found Viral content bee can be very useful to maximize social signals. More people share your content better social signals your content acquires.

However, the viral part didn’t really apply to my content. There is nothing to do with the quality of my content but for some reason, it didn’t create the amount of the traffic I was expecting.

I have found although some of my content is shared 30 times, it couldn’t get 30 visitors from the accounts it was shared. If 30 different twitter account tweets my content, I should naturally expect a few hundreds of click on my page with a very conservative estimation.

It made me think maybe the accounts sharing my content either don’t have a real following or the following is created with some sort of automation tool.

Would I endorse Viral content bee for social media promotion? I would advise it to create social signals for search engines. However, It may not be an effective solution to generate social media traffic for your content.

Let me give you an exception to my opinion I have just mentioned.

If your content tends to spread very fast on social media you may get “viral ignition” benefit from the platform. To give an example, an extremely funny dog video can go viral since everyone likes this type of content.

However, if you are in the real estate niche and your content is about profiting from foreclosures, you shouldn’t dream of a viral effect the platform creates for your content.