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Should you promote Built Bar Products?

Builtbar affiliate marketing program

Built Bar is located in Spanish Fork, UT, and they produce their products in the US. The company's products can be appealing for the fitness audience that is particularly concerned about coloring, and preservatives. Because their products include none of these materials.

Built Bar products are usually low in calories and fluffy. They have only 110 calories for the 15 grams of protein it packs. The company is very confident about their bars are extremely delicious.

That really matters. Because you wouldn't want to promote a product that is not in high quality.

The company currently ships its products to the United States & Canada. However, they accept publishers from all countries.

If you have a niche website focused on topics like fitness, diet and weight loss this affiliate program can be a good choice for you.

To start promoting Built Bar products to your audience simply sign up for ShareASale Affiliate Program. It is a pretty simple process and the application takes only a few minutes.

Once your application on ShareASale is approved, you can then choose Built Bar as the Merchant you want to promote its products. Make sure you have a website before applying to any type of affiliate program.

In fact, most affiliate programs reject applications that are made without proving the ownership of an in operation website.

Built Bar is in the top 100 Power Rank list of ShareASale Network. That means the company's products are actively marketed by its affiliates and converts well.

How much program pays to the affiliates?

Built Bar pays a whopping 30% commission per sale which I would say quite generous. If you have promoted similar products from Amazon you could expect t make only a few percents of the sales price.

You can find custom text links and banner ads to place on your site in order to bring people to the Built Bar website.

You are not allowed to bidding on the company's branded terms like built bars,, etc. Hence PPC advertising may not be the best option if you plan directly hitting on the branded terms. Other PPC related terms can also be expensive since the products are in the fitness nutrition niche.

The best way to promote this product is through SEO, and relying on search engine traffic. The merchant provides the seed keywords that convert the best-promoting the products of this program that you may want to benefit from.