Is Fiverr A Good Place To Outsource Content?

By Altay Gursel | August 8, 2020
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Fiverr has become famous for its 5$ gigs. When you need someone to do a quick job like graphic design, WordPress help, link building, and many other jobs, Fiverr seems the place to go.

However, Is Fiverr a good place to outsource your website or blog content?

Before answering this question, I wanted to let you know I made thousands of Fiverr orders in different gig categories including outsourcing content.

Some of the content outsourcing tasks that I used Fiverr include articles & blog posts, proofreading & editing, technical writing, translation, etc.

However, many people use Fiverr to outsource their white papers, research & summaries, sales copies, press releases, legal writings, product descriptions, scriptwriting, eBook writing, creative writing, and beta reading.

Anyone who wants to outsource content should visit the category of writing & translation which they can choose from different gigs.

content from fiverr writers

Let’s talk about how is the experience of outsourcing content from Fiverr?

Before making any order you will need to find the most relevant gigs to the content category you need to outsource.

Usually, once you find a Fiverr gig that matches what you’re looking for, you need to contact the seller if they’re willing to work with you for your job.

Although Fiverr makes it possible to order a gig from sellers right away even before interacting with them, it usually produces poor results. Before placing an order, I recommend contacting the seller every time.

There are many advantages to communicating with the writer beforehand. First, sometimes writers don’t want to write about the subject that you need.

They may also be booked for a long time and may not handle your work for the duration specified in the gig description.

Fiverr shows how many gigs writers currently have in queue. However, we don’t know the size of the gigs and the duration that the writer will need to complete the gigs.

How to choose a Fiverr writer to have decent content?

There is no single answer to this question. Because I have seen people using different strategies when outsourcing content from the Fiverr writers. Some people lay down very strict rules for the writers to follow, while others provide only the title and leave rest to the writer.

I’ve tested both approaches. If I order content just by giving the title of the content, I mostly get content that’s too far away from the subject.

Let’s say your title is “How To Feed Your Dog?”

What writers usually do is search Google for your title and use the information they’ve found on Google’s first page. It’s good for the writer because he/she saves time. It’s bad for your business as you’re likely to get meaningless content.

A better approach is to provide titles and subtitles to pressurize writers to do some research.

You can ask the writer to answer questions like “How do you properly feed a dog?”, “How Often Should You Feed Your Dog” and “What time of day should I feed my dog?”

Generally, when I gave the writer all the questions that the writer should answer in the content, I got better results. Because it makes the writers create what you need not what is comfortable for them.

If you just give the writer a title, you can get the content mentioning how people in the 18th century fed the dogs. Trust me, it happened to me, it will happen to you as well.

I assume that you made your keyword research before ordering content because you are unlikely to achieve any good results without knowing the competition.

Give the writer a list of keywords to occasionally include in your content. Also, tell the writer not to force the content to use all the keywords in the list. Because if you don’t mention it beforehand, he/she will stuff the keywords.

Which Fiverr writers should you choose?

Fiverr ranks freelancers in different categories in terms of their working history on the Fiverr platform. Some of the levels Fiverr assign to sellers are Top Seller, Level 2 Seller, Pro Verified, New Seller, etc.

Fiverr also can filter for you the writers creating content in certain categories like professional/formal, conversational, opinionated, humorous.

You can choose the type of article like long-form article, instructional/how-to, news story, first-person narrative, a listicle.

It also gives you an additional filter like the type of research the writer should implement for your content.

You can choose keyword research or topic research criteria to filter the writers.

But all these filters shouldn’t mislead you while choosing the freelance writers you want to work with.

Most people choose writers with a lot of great reviews and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve ordered content from sellers with an average review of 4.9/5 or 5/5 and I’ve got good results.

These types of writers generally have a lot of queue orders that make you wait a long time unless you agree to pay a premium price to deliver the gig in 24 hours or so.

Most writers move the price up if they get many good reviews and more available jobs more than they can handle. This is very natural as everything in life has a supply/demand balance.

I think working with writers who have at least a few good reviews is usually a good idea.

Because new writers need more reviews to get more jobs from the Fiverr platform. More work also means more visibility for all freelancers. They can stand in front of a larger group of buyers because the Fiverr algorithm gives priority to people with good reviews.

When you’re working with a writer with just a few good reviews, you’re basically rolling the dice. New writers can give you a great job, and you can reorder again and again and get a great job until they’re very popular with the Fiverr. Else you will waste your money and look for another writer to work with.

Ordering content from Fiverr writers without reviews usually isn’t a great idea as you’ll have zero opinion about them.

Which Country Fiverr Writers Should You Hire?

The answer to this question is quite simple. If you are outsourcing English-language content, your writers should be from English-speaking countries.

You may have heard some people having great results from Indian, Philippine, or Nigerian writers. It is good for them. If they get good results they can keep ordering from these countries.

I have never been able to get a good result in ordering content from countries outside English speaking countries (USA, UK, Australia, and Canada).

Content from native English-speaking writers will cost more because labor is more expensive in their countries.

Usually, if you can order content from someone in the Philippines for 1-2 cents per word. The price can be up to 10 cents per word from countries that speak English as their first language.

As I have already said, everything works in line with the supply and demand balance. More people need content higher the prices will move, and the vice versa is also valid.

How much content to order from Fiverr at once?

Once you’ve chosen a few writers from Fiverr to work with, you’ve got to test their abilities by giving them little gigs. Usually, 1000-1500 word content is good enough to see how a writer can do it.

After trial and error with a few writers, you should have an opinion on which writers you can best work with.

I advise you not to order a large amount of content from any writer at once. Even if you get successful results ordering content from a specific writer, once you order them in large quantities, they’ll start providing a sloppy job.

Give the writers one order at a time instead of making five orders waiting in line. Don’t squeeze multiple tasks in one gig, otherwise, it’s going to be hard for you to follow, and you’re going to get poor results.

When you outsource content controllability is everything. Even if you have a large amount of money waiting to be invested in outsourcing content, you still need to take it slow. Otherwise, you’re going to be disappointed with the quality of the work you’re receiving.

What if you get poor quality content from Fiverr?

If you get a delivery from a writer which doesn’t meet your expectations, you can ask the writer to revise the content. Usually, sellers set how many times they’re willing to revise the content without charge.

The problem is that most writers don’t think if there’s a problem with their content. I have asked multiple times for revisions of different pieces of content. I needed a revision because the writer did not follow the requirements closely, but did whatever was convenient for himself.

Writers usually agree to revise the content and give you back almost the same content without fixing the issues. This is the problem with Fiverr.

Fiverr may protect your fund and the writer’s effort on a platform to securely exchange the values. However, it fails to assure if the seller executes the job as it is described.

Why I no more order Content From Fiverr?

In the past, although the quality of the content provided by Fiverr sellers was not good enough, I could get along by compromising my quality expectations.

Once I decided to publish high-quality content on my website on an ongoing basis, I began asking the authors for revisions.

Here is what happened to one of the jobs delivered by the writer.

I gave the writer very definite requirements to follow. I asked him to write content readable and understandable for a fifth-grader.

The content he has delivered consisted of sentences that are extremely long. There’s no way to be readable, let alone it didn’t make any sense to the reader.

I asked him to revise his content. He did it and delivered it back in two days. I received the exact same copy of what he delivered in the first place.

Then I contacted Fiverr asking them to cancel the gig because the writer didn’t comply with the requirements at all.

Here is the first response provided by Fiverr.

Low-Quality Customer Support

Fiverr asked me to get in touch with the seller and solve the problem with him. I mentioned in my email that I have already contacted the seller to revise the content.

Fiverr’s reply is a canned response, meaning the response I received is copied from a pre-packaged text created earlier to be provided as a response. They didn’t even look at the problem I had.

I responded to Fiverr support that I followed all the necessary steps, but I couldn’t solve the problem with the writer.

Fiverr started asking me questions that they already have the answers.

Questions like prove how the seller couldn’t meet with your requirements.

It’s very ridiculous. Support has access to entire platform conversations and gig details, but they want me to work for them.

I’ve provided screenshots of my conversations with the writer, as well as the requirements that I asked the seller to follow.

Fiverr kept asking me the same questions as to why I thought the seller did not meet the requirements, etc. I have answered all these questions. Communication with the support took more than 3 days to cancel a single order.

Finally, they didn’t cancel because they thought there was no proof.

Why Fiverr Doesn’t Want To Cancel The Gigs?

Fiverr grabs a whopping 20% commission with every transaction, including tips. That is not even all. Fiverr also charges the buyers that are purchasing the service.

Anyway, if Fiverr cancels a gig, it can’t make any money. Fiverr doesn’t really care what kind of content you get or if the seller does a good job. Provided that Fiverr makes money, everything is legit for Fiverr.

There are many outsourcing platforms that cancel gigs if the seller fails to do a good job. They’re also kicking out that sellers that keep providing a low-quality job.

Unfortunately, none of this applies to Fiverr because it is a very greedy outsourcing platform.

Where to order high-quality content?

In my opinion, Upwork could do a much better job if you plan to order content on a regular basis. Don’t get my word wrong, you’re still going to have to filter out good writers to work with. However, the quality of the customer support and the reputation of Upwork is far superior to that of Fiverr.

Is there a better choice to have high-quality content without any hustle?

Yes, I like Constant content that lets me buy top quality content in a minute or less.

You won’t find junk articles on their platform because they are very strict about the rules they set for the writers. The unique content you want to buy is already on the platform. You simply search for the content that you want to buy.

The disadvantage of it is the high price. However, price shouldn’t be an issue since low-quality content has nothing good to help your business.

Where to order your content

If you need high-quality content, I would highly recommend working with a professional agency like Content development pros. I have ordered content from them for one of my niche sites, and the results were really good.