All To Know About Noble Gold

Noble Gold

Noble Gold receives a positive review of 5/5 on ConsumerAffairs and 3.5/5 on Trustpilot. The company also has a BCA rating of AA, together 5.0-star TrustLink rating based on 123 reviews & complaints.

Company Background

Noble Gold is a Pasadena, California-based gold investment company. It was founded by Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume in 2016.

Since then the company has quickly expanded its operations across the nation.

The company's primary operational area is a precious metal investment in the forms of investment-grade metals, rare and collectible coins, and precious metal IRAs.

Contact Details

Address: 1 S. Fair Oaks, Suite 207, in Pasadena, California.
Phone: (877) 646-5347

You can stay in touch with Noble Gold on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

Pros and Cons

Before moving our detailed review, we want to list the major pros and cons of working with Noble Gold.

👍 Pros

  • Easy and quick creation of precious metals IRA
  • They are the only dealer with the Texas depository offer.
  • They have excellent ratings from trusted organizations.
  • They provide a free guide book on the best investment practices.
  • They have a ready buy-back program to assist clients with liquidation.
  • Noble Gold pays for clients' first year IRA fees.

👎 Cons

  • They have only been in business for four years.
  • They do not ship to international clients.
  • Their Royal Survival Pack starts up a price of $5,000, thus placing a minimum on what you can order from them.
  • The Royal Survival Packs lack the necessary transparency regarding their content online.

Offered Services

Noble Gold offers a quite wide range of services.

Precious Metal Products Sale

People purchase precious metals for different reasons, using different funding sources. Some may want to use their set aside cash to buy a few bullion for personal collection, while others may look to diversify their retirement portfolio with precious metal IRAs.

Noble Gold can help you no matter what motivates you to invest in precious metals.

The company sells gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion, and coins. The offered product range doesn't seem as wide as what some other companies offer.

However, Noble Gold is dedicated to selling most liquid bullion and coins to offer better pricing for their customer while protecting them from invested in not demanded products.

To make buying precious metals easier for you, Noble Gold offers order-ready packages which range from a $5,000 investment to a $500,000 investment package. These are generally referred to as Royal Survival Packs on their website.

There was no information about the package content on their website, and this raises some questions about their transparency. However, Noble Gold claims that they designed these packages for easy liquidation should the need arise.

Noble Gold IRA program

Noble Gold offers gold IRA services for those who are looking to diversify their retirement portfolio. Investors can rollover their retirement assets into a gold-backed IRA working with Noble Gold.

It is a straightforward process. The customer fills out the IRA setup form. Then, within the next 24 hours, the Noble Gold IRA team contacts the customer's new custodian and sets up the gold IRA account.

During the process, Noble Gold also finds out if there is any additional paperwork that the customer's specific custodian requires. Then Noble Gold emails customer for the new self-directed ira account number for the customer's records.

It is important to note, not all metals are eligible to be held in a gold IRA. You can get the help of a Noble Gold IRA team member or make your own research by looking at the IRS website.

Gold IRA assets, unlike traditional IRA assets, must be stored in an IRS-approved depository. Noble Gold's storage partner is International Depository Services. Deposits made are fully insured by Lloyd's of London. Equity Institutional offers an online private account that allows investors to access their portfolios all the time. Before you set up a Gold IRA, it is always best to ask these details to the Nobel Gold's representative.

Retirement Transfers and Rollovers

Transfers and rollovers are ways by which you can fund your new self-directed IRA. And to understand how these work at Noble Gold, I should probably include a brief explanation of how they differ. 

Transfers refer to a method of funding your new account without your direct involvement.

Your new custodian, which is New Direction IRA in Noble Gold's case, will contact your former IRA custodian to get funds transferred to your new account. Transfers can take up to seven days when working with Noble Gold.

On the other hand, a Rollover involves you getting the funds sent to you by your former custodian with a 60-day window for you to reinvest it in your new retirement plan. And as long as you deposit the funds within the 60-day window, you will be free from tax penalties.

Noble Gold's Buy-Back Program

After some time, you might want to have your stored assets turned into cash. Noble Gold offers you the opportunity to do that with their buy-back program, which aims at making liquidation of your investments easy for you.

Noble Express

Noble Gold offers a private delivery system that ensures your products get to your doorstep. They make sure your Royal Survival Pack gets delivered within five days of confirming the order. Noble Gold fully insures against shipping loss up until you sign at the point of delivery.

However, they only ship locally. Thus as an international client, you will have to make do with having your metals stored at their preferred depositories until you are ready to liquidate your investments.

Noble Fortress

Noble Gold prides itself on having the first and only private assets depository in the world. Their Texas depository is, however, an addition to their other preferred storage depositories.

Noble Gold has partnered with International Depository Services (IDS) to ensure you get the world's best storage facilities. The IDS storage locations include Delaware in the United States, and Mississauga, close to Toronto, Canada.

Noble Gold's Education Program

Apart from the ease of creating a precious metals IRA and adding up metals to it, Noble Gold also ensures that you are fully aware of all that is involved in investing in precious metals. They also offer a free guide that can be downloaded from their website to get started with precious metals IRA.


With a lot said about Noble Gold Investments, and what they can offer you, I'm sure you are eager to know the ratings they have received over the years.

With just four years in service, Noble Gold has been able to get top ratings from three of the most trusted consumer advocacy websites. These ratings go a long way to show just how earnest Noble Gold is about customer satisfaction.

Are There Complaints?

Asking this question is needed when considering your precious metals dealers' options as you don't want to fall victim to poor service. However, I could not find any complaints about Noble Gold's services online.

Is Noble Gold a Legit Company?

As this is another question you might be hoping to answer, I have decided to share my opinion on it. And from my research, taking Noble Gold's ratings and reviews, with no complaints into consideration, I think Noble Gold might be a legit company.

However, they have only been in business for about four years, so you might want to check other companies that have existed for years with an unbroken record of legitimate dealings.


Noble Gold has established a sizable customer base in a relatively short period of time.

They are sought after by industry experts for their knowledge, especially regarding the gold IRA rollover process and the transfer of metals into retirement accounts. They take pride in their low fees, professional staff, and fair buyback program.